Full-time employees work 2000+ hours a year and studies show 40-60% of workers don't have a personal physician.  Offering easy access to healthcare services for employees and/or their dependents benefits all parties.

Benefits to Employees/ Dependents
  • Convenient access to healthcare services
  • Range of medical service offerings
  • Coordination of care
  • Financial incentives – reduction of out-of-pocket expenses
Benefits to Employers
  • Increased patient engagement -reduced emergency room/urgent care fees for non-emergency visits
  • Reduces costs- decreased utilization of standard health insurance
  • Is considered a top benefit – great for recruiting/retaining workforce
  • Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • Reduces risk and onboarding costs
  • Vendor partner – eliminates the administrative burden
Benefits to Clinical Staff
  • Not a "turn and burn" mentality – able to provide quality patient care over the number of patients seen
  • Improvement in management of chronic conditions
  • Ability to build trust

Benefits of an Employee Healthcare Center

There are many reasons why employers/unions of all sizes should consider an employee healthcare center, including:
  • Offering convenient access to health care services will reduce lost productivity that results from a worker taking 3-4 hours to leave the worksite, travel, wait for and see health care providers, and obtain prescriptions and services
  • Making first aid and acute services available at the worksite will reduce the use and cost of hospital emergency rooms (the highest cost setting for obtaining medical services) for non-emergency conditions
  • Providing low or no-cost resources and treatment will increase the use of preventive and wellness services and programs, lessening the severity of common illnesses, augmenting management of chronic conditions that require regular checkups, and improving medication compliance and patient outcomes overall


  • Investing in the well-being of employees with workplace 'health and wellness' benefits can help attract and retain employees/members – centers are often viewed as the most popular benefit by today's workforce
  • Delivering medical, pharmacy, and therapy services at the worksite will reduce overall costs, as there will be no required revenue margins placed on top of the services or products provided to patients at the center

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