Employer Health Services evolved to fit a more modern view of healthcare, focusing on overall wellness and preventative medicine. Choosing the best clinic model will depend on the organization's goals and the demographics of the workforce. A suitable care model for your workforce will also drive utilization and ultimately drive cost savings.  Employers must determine if they are absorbing or sharing the cost with another employer. Consider the difference between "on-site" and "near-site" when deciding.

On-Site Clinics

These clinics are established most consistently by Independent mid-size to large employers. These include manufacturing, distribution centers, technology, and food processing plants.

Near-Site Clinics

These clinics serve multiple employers partnering in nearby demographics and can achieve convenient care and competitive pricing. They can also include more than one clinic location to serve a larger population and multiple employers. This is a great solution for labor organizations, smaller employers, school districts, and county employees.

Shared Clinics

These can be on-site or near-site. This model best serves organizations with groups of multiple employers such as labor unions, industrial parks, employer and contractor associations, office buildings, and public employers.

What is an "On-Site" or "Near-Site" Center?

A workplace "on-site" or "near-site center" is a setting where an employer or union offers one or more medical and wellness services, delivered by licensed providers, to all or a designated portion of its active population and other eligible individuals. Centers are often referred to as "health and wellness centers" due to the wide range of first aid, occupational health, acute, primary, specialty, condition management, wellness, and expanded services offered at the location.  

A healthcare center is part of the health benefit options that an employer offers to its workers. It also can be part of a union's member benefits. While most health care centers are nearby, within, or on-site at the workplace, a growing number are located outside with easy access to the worksite. A "near-site" center may be used due to the lack of space at the main location or to ease access for those living or working in more distant or remote locations.

The objectives of all these approaches are to provide easy access and immediate attention, at little or no cost, for a host of services and products that an employee or union member would typically have to leave the worksite to obtain.  As a result, these centers, offering a variety of settings and staffing, are quickly gaining in popularity. Employer-sponsored worksite centers are unique, reflecting the demographics, culture, geography, and clinical needs of the employer/local union and its workers.


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