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Employer Health Services, a division of Mobile Medical Corporation, has been assisting organizations to develop solutions and strategies for workplace compliance, safety, and wellness for more than 30 years. We have built a stellar reputation with workplace medical programs and concierge customer service. Our customers include labor organizations, self-funded employers, professional services, facility owners, construction management, manufacturing employers, and more throughout North America.


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Although size often plays a role in how a clinic is structured, there are options available for any employee count. One-third of all organizations with at least 5,000 employees already provide on-site medical clinics for their employees. Employer Healthcare Services (EHS) provides a scalable service that allows you to open a clinic with less than 200 employees, on-site clinics are not only for fortune 500 companies!

Labor Unions

With over 30 years of experience providing on-site medical services to unions and their employer/contractor associations, we understand the unique needs of both parties.  Additionally, we provide occupational and behavioral health services that keep members engaged in their health and wellness regularly!  Healthy investments = Healthy Returns

School Systems

Many school systems, including universities and K-12 school districts, are taking a proactive approach by making healthcare more accessible for their teachers, support staff, and students. By offering convenient, quality primary care, vaccines, and preventative care—school systems can reduce their healthcare costs and lower their levels of absenteeism.


As municipalities try to address the cost of care and better manage taxpayer money, they find on-site clinics as a proven solution to reducing costs without compromising care.

Industrial Parks

Industrial parks have continued to evolve since the early parks were developed in the 1950s.

Today everyone is looking for ways to reduce the costs of healthcare.  Employers can join together and offer a shared-site healthcare center to share the administrative costs amongst the industrial park's resident companies.

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Getting appointments is no longer a task I dread.


Create a collaborative culture that elevates human dignity, expands potential, and prioritizes well-being.


Our clinician is awesome! Feels like a member of the family.


My time with the doctor on-site was triple that of what I typically experienced.


Love the convenience, much easier.


Wasted very little time waiting to be seen.


In the past I never went to a follow up appointment, now there is no reason not to!


Employer Health Services has been a great partner by providing personal medical care to our employees and spouses as well as being on-site for work related medical issues.  The ability of our employees and spouses to seek confidential medical services on-site versus taking time off to visit outside physicians has improved the overall health of our employees utilizing this service as well as being a morale booster.  The savings we experience as a company is a bonus as well.

Laurie Glameyer

Get to know the physician and build a connection.