The healthcare industry is one with many acronyms! EHS has compiled a list of terms that may commonly appear while researching onsite health clinics and their benefits

  • HSA - Health Savings Account
  • ROI - Return on Investment
  • VOI - Value on Investment
  • HCC - Hierarchical Condition Category
  • HDHP - High Deductible Health Plan
  • PMPY - Per Participant Per Year
  • PMPM - Per Participant Per Month
  • PEPM - Per Employee Per Month
  • Net Promoter Score- A net promoter score is a method of using a single survey question to gauge customer satisfaction with a product.
  • STD - Short-Term Disability
  • LTD - Long-Term Disability
  • PCP - Primary Care Provider
  • ACP - Advanced Primary Care- All aspects of health
  • PCMH - Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • TPC - Total Person Health
  • EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
  • HIPPA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
  • ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
  • USDOL - US Department of Labor
  • PHI - Protected Health Information
  • FFS - Fees for Service
  • GFE - Good Faith Estimate

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