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Going to the doctor's is rarely a pleasant experience. For most people, the words "doctor's appointment" bring to mind long wait times, quick, clinical conversations, constant referrals, and worst of all, bills. To some, the thought of getting diagnosed can be just as intimidating as the diagnosis itself, if not more so. 

But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if you could receive most of your care in the same place, cutting down on time-consuming referrals and multiple appointment costs? What if the referrals you did get were handled personally by your care provider, who stayed involved with the whole process? What if you didn't have to fight for your doctor's attention amidst a flood of other patients — what if you were their primary focus? 

It probably sounds too good to be true. But with the advanced primary care model, it's not just true — it's within your reach. 

What is Advanced Primary Care? 

Advanced primary care, also known as APC, is a healthcare model that focuses on high-quality, individualized patient care. Many doctors are paid on a fee-for-service basis, forcing them to prioritize the number of clients they see each month over the quality of care. With APC, healthcare professionals are paid a monthly fee instead, allowing them to focus on individual patients. 

Benefits of Advanced Primary Care

There are many benefits to the advanced primary care model, both for patients and for healthcare professionals. 


If you've ever suffered from a specialized issue, you're probably familiar with medical referrals. For example, if your doctor diagnoses you with a hormonal issue, they may refer you to an endocrinologist. Having to go from specialist to specialist can waste valuable time and allow your issue to worsen. 

To combat this, many APC centers employ a wide range of healthcare specialists, giving you access to a variety of services under one roof. This limits the number of patient referrals, which in turn saves you time. 

This isn't the only way APC saves you time, either. Because doctors don't have to prioritize patient volume, they usually see fewer patients — which means shorter wait times. 

Personal Connection

Because APC practitioners generally see fewer patients than those practicing traditional primary care, it's easier for them to focus on individual patients. This allows a closer patient/doctor bond, which helps to make the patient more comfortable at their appointments. 

Higher Quality Care

More time, fewer referrals, and a personal connection with their patients means APC practitioners are able to offer higher quality care than their primary care counterparts. 


Between fewer referrals and higher quality treatment from the start, APC makes the most of a patient's time and money, reducing their medical bills. 

Where to Find Advanced Primary Care

While advanced primary care is becoming more popular, not every care center offers it. Availability will depend on your area, so be sure to research which care centers near you offer APC. 

Quality Care at Employee Health Services 

Advanced primary care is a great way to receive comprehensive healthcare at a fraction of the usual time and cost. If you're looking for an efficient, affordable healthcare model for your employees, Employer Health Services is the place for you. As a division of Mobile Medical Corp., we've assisted organizations in creating workplace wellness solutions for over 30 years. Don't hesitate — contact us today and take the first steps in building a safer workplace. 


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